WSS Agencies

WSS Agencies was established to provide clients with all-rounded logistics for regional shipping. Our company’s philosophy is to provide service oriented performance, using our unique organizational setup. We actively seek to achieve maximum efficiency for our clients’ businesses. Presently, we represent many leading players in the Gas, Chemical, Oil, and Bulk trades all over the world. Our clients are able to gain better control over their business by taking advantage of our growing shipping network. WSS Agencies has gained a reputation within the industry with our expertise and dedication. With years of professional experience, our team of consultants and marine agents are available to provide assistance around the clock. Our company’s structure and approach allows us to cater to clients’ individual needs and requests accordingly. We provide various specialized services to meet the increasing demands in the industry. This includes serving various marine projects and logistics with our trained manpower, as well as offering solutions for transportation, ship supplies, ship stores, provisions, spares and equipment.


We posses the experience, strength, and reliability to ensure vessel operations run efficiently and cost-effectively in any port within the Singapore. To ensure this, we give our clients the best possible service. We operate a network of local agency offices whose professional staff is able to attend a vessel anywhere and at anytime; our Agency Coordinator is always on hand to ensure that the needs of each and every vessel are met as quickly as possible whilst ensuring that the standard of service we offer is second-to-none.

At WSS Agencies, we know that as an owner and operator of sea-going vessels, the most costly and inefficient part any voyage is the time lost in port. We have the strength and reliability to ensure a quick and smooth turn-around. Our goal is to ensure that vessels under our care receive not just the best husbandry services available, but that we do everything needed to help our clients get back to sea as quickly as possible

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